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Pension plans

Grow your wealth stress-free with our four hand-picked, diversified pension plans.

Pick your perfect plan


Standard and Sustainable options. Automatically adjusts investments to maximise early growth, then protects your pot as you approach retirement.

Perfect for: Savers who would prefer to ‘set and forget’.

Lifetime plan details


Complete control of your pension. Choose between four different risk levels - tailoring investments to fit your preferences and outlook.

Perfect for: Savers that want more control over their investments.

Standard plan details


Make a positive impact on the world without sacrificing growth. Aims to invest in companies with the highest ESG ratings.

Perfect for: Savers that prioritise socially conscious investments.

Sustainable plan details


Allocates 100% of investments into stocks that are compliant with Sharia law. Approved by an independent Sharia committee.

Perfect for: Savers that want to invest in line with their ethics.

Sharia plan details
Pension fund plan options shown in the Penfold app

Hand-picked, flexible plan choices

Penfold is here to make things easy. That's why we offer four carefully selected plans that take the stress out of investing and make your pension as straightforward as possible, as it should be.

Change your pension plan whenever you like, or adjust risk level with our Standard plan, in just a few taps.

Want to know more? Find out how your savings are invested or learn about the basics of pension investing.

Standard pension fund plan selection and where money is invested screens

See-through saving

Ever wondered where the money in your pension actually goes? We give a breakdown of every investment inside each of our pension plans:

  • Asset class: Proportion invested in stocks, bonds and alternative investments.
  • Industry: Proportion invested in Information Technology, Healthcare and Energy amongst others.
  • Geography: Proportion invested in each continent.

In addition, there's a constantly updated chart showing the performance track record of your plan.

BlackRock and HSBC logos

The secret to your success

Our Lifetime, Standard and Sustainable plans use a series of innovative new funds from BlackRock, called the MyMap series.

These funds invest your money across different markets around the world, offering a range of risk and return profiles to match your goals. They are built by combining a group of well-established BlackRock index-tracking funds.

Your money is invested across these funds dynamically - adjusting your allocation based on how each market is performing. Dynamic allocation helps these funds outperform other investment strategies that typically stick to a more rigid investment formula (like a “60/40” stocks to bonds fund).

Our investment principles

Our Lifetime, Standard and Sustainable plans use innovative products from BlackRock which are aligned with our four principles of investing.

Passive Investment

We make full use of passive investment, exploiting technology to invest broadly across whole markets without relying on humans to pick individual companies to invest in.


We spread your savings across a wide range of different investment types and markets. This reduces the risk that two markets could fall at the same time and helps to smooth out volatility from returns.

Low Cost

We also believe in low cost investment because very small differences in fees can add up to a big charge against an individual pot.

Managed risk

We use technology to adapt the way your savings are invested in order to manage risk. Investments then respond to what is happening in markets and the world as a whole.

Penfold fund performance to January 2023

Working hard for your future

Our funds aim to balance risk control with good returns for investors, at a cost-effective price.

Costs are kept low through the use of BlackRock’s iShares index tracking funds, while BlackRock’s risk and quantitative analysis group constantly stress tests the funds to determine the likely future returns.

Of course, there are no guarantees and past performance is no indication of future returns, but it’s worth remembering that BlackRock is the world’s biggest asset manager and past performance is a good indicator of how an asset manager is doing at any given time.

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