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Penfold's pension plans

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Four hand-picked, fully diversified plans


An automated plan that adjusts your investments for you. Aims to grow your savings early before switching to protect your pot as you approach retirement.

Lifetime plan details


Our most popular plan. Tailor your pension to fit your stage of life and investment preferences, with four different risk level options.

Standard plan details


Make a positive impact on the world without sacrificing growth. Invests your money into companies with a high ESG rating.

Sustainable plan details


Invest your money only into Sharia-compliant companies. All investments are approved by an independent Sharia committee.

Sharia plan details

Stress-free saving

Penfold is here to make things easy. That's why we offer four carefully selected plans that take the stress out of investing and keep your pension faff-free - as it should be.

Adjust your risk level whenever, and wherever, in just a few taps.

Want to know more? Find out how your savings are invested or learn about the basics of pension investing.

Penfold pensions app showing the plan selection screen with standard, sustainable and Sharia fund options.

See-through saving

Ever wondered where the money in your pension actually goes?

Our Explore Your Pension dashboard gives you complete visibility into  your savings.

Get a breakdown of every investment inside your Penfold pension - right down to the individual companies.

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Use your pension power

With Penfold, your pension can be invested in some of the biggest companies on the planet - from Apple and Microsoft, to Tesla and Netflix. 

We believe this gives you the right to have a say in how they’re run.

Have your say on the issues you care about using our voting dashboard. Your vote goes straight to our fund manager who will represent you at company AGMs.

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Invest ethically

Our pensions are a powerful way to impact the future.

With Penfold, you can put your money in environmentally conscious companies, or pick a fund that exclusively invests in Sharia-compliant companies.

Ready to save responsibly? Read more about our sustainable and sharia plans.

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Your money is in safe hands

Our pension plans are managed by the world's largest asset managers: Blackrock and HSBC.

They invest your pension in thousands of companies and assets around the world using advanced technology to balance growth and risk.

Find out more about how we keep your money safe, or read about our collaboration with BlackRock.

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Get in touch

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Our team is made up of experts in pensions, technology, security, operations and customer services. You can reach us any time on chat, by phone or on email.

020 8003 5908


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