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Modern workplace pensions your clients will love

Still doing pensions the old-fashioned way?

You’re probably using the latest tech to manage your practice, streamline your workflows and do more for your clients. But your pension service is an afterthought.

Penfold will turn this client compliance tick-box into a value-adding part of your client service.

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Partnering with Penfold means:

Acting as a trusted partner to your clients and helping them get more from their workplace pension

Using a modern pension that saves your team time and fits alongside your modern tech stack

Connecting to a dedicated account manager to support you with any issues

A pension your clients will love

If you’re only offering an outdated, mediocre pension solution your clients’ happiness could be at risk.

Our modern pension and first-class service, empowers accountants to stay ahead and keep their clients happy:

Better for employers

Our pension helps attract and retain the best talent while saving money through tax efficient contributions.

Better for employees

A pension experience which is modern and simple to use and helps set and reach their retirement goals.

A happy young woman wearing a gray cap and sweater looks at her orange smartphone, pointing to it with a smile. In the foreground, a graphic overlay of a phone screen shows the Penfold pension app interface, with a notification from Acme Inc. that £400 has been paid into her pension. The screen displays a total pot value of £12,994.54 and options for pension transfer and forecasting retirement value.

Easy, time-saving pension processing

Pension processing and payroll can be faster and more straightforward than you think.

Our pension platform has been designed hand-in-hand with accountants for a game-changing experience:

Save time

Get hours back every month - most of our partnered accountants now spend 50% less time managing their clients’ pensions.

Fewer errors

No more painful processing - our advanced tech eliminates file and formatting issues.

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First-class service

Fed up with call centres, hold music and an unresponsive ‘Account Management Team’?

It doesn’t have to be this way. We pride ourselves on offering unmatched service to our partners:

Dedicated Account Manager

Every Penfold partner gets a named Account Manager, available by phone or email.

Additional client support

Why answer your clients, and their employees, technical pension questions? Our team of pension experts can do the work for you.

A photo of a woman looking at a phone and excerpt screens of the Penfold team messaging employees

No costs for your clients (or you)

Has one of your pension providers introduced charges or do they have convoluted charging structures?

Save your employer clients’ and your own money with a pension solution that’s free forever, with no hidden fees.

Single employee fee

An annual rate based on a percentage of their total pot, made up of a pension administration and investment management fee.

No hidden charges

There are no switching, account management or contribution fees whatsoever.

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Why clients switch to us

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses and their employees save time and money. We offer:

Free Salary Sacrifice set-up

All-in fees with zero hidden charges

Industry-beating fund performance

Financial education programmes

Plus, our switching process is fully managed by your account manager.

A photo of two people sat at a table smiling

The clarity, simplicity, and hands-on support make Penfold the easiest way to manage payroll.

Penfold gives employees immediate access to their pension rather than having to go through the payroll team to remind them of how to access their details or wait for paper letters.

Zak Round

Director at Kaizen Accountancy Services

    Penfold offers great customer service to ourselves as Payroll Managers but also to our employees, who value the app experience.

    Implementing Penfold has led to a decrease in our negative ticket numbers and we have far less payroll corrections to facilitate.


    Senior Payroll Expert at Deel

      Our employees are benefiting from a scheme that gives them full visibility into how much they’re saving, where their pension is invested in and that ultimately allows them to self-serve wherever possible.

      The support offered by Penfold on the implementation and day-to-day support has been superb, and reduced the amount of work that the finance team had to do previously.

      Mobeen Rasheed

      Head of Finance at Attest

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