We’re committed to the success of your business

We know how important it is to make sure that you attract and keep the best employees in order to hit your company goals.

We can design a competitive pension scheme by benchmarking against your peers and step up your pension offering as you grow - we’re with you for the long haul.

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Never too busy for essential conversations

Industry-beating account management at no extra charge.

Jargon-free pension support is only a phone call away with dedicated 1-2-1 account management that offers payroll support and weekly check-in calls.

We’re always available online, on the phone or directly via your Slack or work chat.

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Keep your best people

Nine out of ten UK workers consider their pension when deciding whether to stay in their current role. Don't make it easy for them by having a forgettable pension provider.

Because our app-based pension provides a clear view of what their pension is worth and what it will pay for in the future, it can help with their financial wellbeing.

Our 5* rated app allows users to set savings goals, find-and-combine old pensions and easily make top up payments whenever they want. All of which means they're more likely to engage with their pension regularly.

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Hassle free switching

Does the thought of changing the company pension put a shiver down your spine? No need to worry. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses switch to Penfold, so we have lots of experience in delivering an accurate and efficient process for you and your team.

Our switching process is fully managed by your account manager, including contacting your current provider to initiate the change and managing it for all your employees.

We provide a suite of guides, templated emails, FAQs and dedicated support to you and your team throughout.

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‘Complicated’ has been cancelled

Your workplace pension is your most expensive benefit, but what’s the point if employees never engage with it after their initial onboarding?

Penfold’s mission is to help everyone adopt healthy saving habits to feel good today about life tomorrow. It’s why we offer free training and workshops to improve your teams' financial literacy and support their wellbeing. Guides, videos and FAQs are all provided.

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The workplace pension that works better for everyone

Payroll and pension processing shouldn’t be painful.

Grab some time back with our user-friendly employer dashboard. Get ready for more agile accounting with user-friendly drag and drop automations.

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The support offered by Penfold on the implementation and day-to-day support has been superb, and reduced the amount of work that the finance team had to do previously.

Mobeen Rasheed

Head of Finance at Attest

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    The Penfold team offered exceptional service from the very beginning. I was amazed that they were able to make 'pensions' an interesting subject.

    They really helped us identify what pension contributions were right for our business, managed the switch over seamlessly and our team absolutely loves using the app to check in on their pension whenever we make contributions.

    Eleni Kalemi

    People Manager at Jobandtalent

      The best thing about Penfold for me is the responsiveness of their team to any queries or questions that come from me or our employees. We just didn’t have that with our previous provider.

      Handling payroll is always a stressful time of the month but with Penfold onboard, I never worry about the pension part of payroll anymore!


      People Operations at Capital on Tap

        Our previous pension provider offered very little by way of customer support, their platform was not intuitive and processes were very manual. As Deel grows, we needed a scaleable provider that could keep pace with our growth trajectory.

        Penfold offers great customer service to ourselves as Payroll Managers but also to our employees, who value the app experience.


        Senior Payroll Expert at Deel

          More reasons to partner with Penfold

          5-star rated app

          We've created a pension saving experience everyone will actually enjoy, our app gives savers total visibility of their savings, enabling them to easily manage their pension.

          Learn about our tech-first pension app

          Funds that help grow wealth

          We've hand-picked a simple selection of diversified pension plans, managed for you by BlackRock and HSBC, that can match your employee's goals and help grow wealth.

          Find out about our fund options

          Boost employee retention

          The key to scaling your business lies in the strength of your team. We help make your workplace pension a tool to attract the best talent and retain them.

          Discover how to keep your best people

          Join Penfold and bring financial wellbeing to your team

          Give your team a top pension and boost their financial wellbeing

          Boost your benefits package to keep and tempt the best talent

          Get industry-beating account management at no extra charge

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