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Save money and time so you can focus on scaling your business

Salary sacrifice implementation, an ultra user-friendly pension experience and industry-leading account management to help you grow your business.

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Trusted by thousands of companies in the UK

Save money with salary sacrifice, cutting business and employee tax bills

Increase your employees take home pay

By offering pension contributions through salary sacrifice, employees get to keep more of what they earn by lowering the amount of their income subject to National Insurance.

Reduce your business tax bill

Salary sacrifice also reduces the amount of National Insurance a company owes. The bigger your team (and the more your employees earn), the more you save.

Consultations - free and personalised

We can implement salary sacrifice for your team with free, personalised consultations. Speak to an expert to find out more.

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Focus on growing your business, not pension admin

Growing fast hurts. Penfold is here to help with a tech-first pension of the future.

Save time thanks to our Employer Dashboard. Make pension and payroll processing stress free with automations, drag and drop file uploads, and payroll integrations.

Manage tax relief, salary sacrifice, opt-outs and more in one, easy to use interface.

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A single, transparent annual fee that covers everything within our service

Free for employers

Penfold is completely free for employers. We don't charge anything to manage your pension scheme and all additional services, like pension transfers and employee education, are included.

Simple fee structure

Our single, all-in fee is charged to employees, they'll pay an annual rate based on a percentage of their total pot. This rate is made up of a pension administration fee and an investment management fee which is deducted directly by the investment manager.

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Industry-beating account management at no extra charge

Jargon-free pension support is only a phone call away with dedicated 1-2-1 account management.

Switching is easy with our fully-managed onboarding process and we offer comprehensive payroll processing support.

Our team can also provide free training and workshops to improve your teams' financial literacy and support their wellbeing.

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Our employees are benefiting from a scheme that gives them full visibility into how much they’re saving, where their pension is invested in and that ultimately allows them to self-serve wherever possible.

The support offered by Penfold on the implementation and day-to-day support has been superb, and reduced the amount of work that the finance team had to do previously.

Mobeen Rasheed

Head of Finance at Attest

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    The clarity, simplicity, and hands-on support make Penfold the easiest way to manage payroll.

    Penfold gives employees immediate access to their pension rather than having to go through the payroll team to remind them of how to access their details or wait for paper letters.

    Zak Round

    Director at Kaizen Accountancy Services

      There were a few reasons we looked to switch providers for our workplace pension those being: API, reduced costs for our workers, better app and website. These 3 things we found in Penfold, We have found the switch across very straightforward and stress free.

      Any queries we have we can ask the question and it is answered in a timely and efficient manner. We were provided with support for our transition and have now switched all our workers to Penfold and are very happy we have done so.

      Charlotte Barker

      Payroll Manager at JMK

        Penfold offers great customer service to ourselves as Payroll Managers but also to our employees, who value the app experience.

        Implementing Penfold has led to a decrease in our negative ticket numbers and we have far less payroll corrections to facilitate.


        Senior Payroll Expert at Deel

          Salary sacrifice

          Free-of-charge consultation and implementation

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          The Penfold Platform

          Save time with our modern pension processing platform

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          Join 1,000s of businesses already working with the only pension provider that offers a dedicated account manager.

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