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What it's like to work with the team behind the award-winning digital pension.

A message from our founders

“We started Penfold because we've experienced the difficulty of engaging with pensions as savers, as self-employed workers and as employers who had to set up pension schemes for employees.

Peoples’ expectations for customer experience are defined by modern tech businesses. They're always innovating on what good looks like.

But, the pensions industry has not been able to keep pace. Old-school pension companies provide a terrible digital experience and customer service is difficult to engage with and jargon-filled. The end result is people are put off from engaging with their pension.

We're addressing the core technological problem at the heart of the industry by building a modern digital pension from scratch. We want to do what challenger banks have done for banking in the pension industry.”

Pete, Stu & Chris

A photo of the Penfold founders

Jobs at Penfold

We're always on the lookout for brilliant people! Visit our jobs portal page to see our current opportunities. Don't see something quite right for you? We want to hear from you, please send a general application.

Current opportunities

Global Footprint: London and Tallinn

In Tallinn, we’re part of Europe’s most exciting tech scenes. Innovation thrives here amid picturesque settings, though you’ll need a warm coat for the chilly weather! Our Tallinn team is relatively new but rapidly expanding - a golden opportunity for newcomers to play a pivotal role in shaping the hub’s culture.

London is where Penfold’s journey began, a vibrant melting pot that perfectly mirrors our ethos. It’s here that our slightly more established team brings their passion for finance and fun to the table, fostering a culture that’s both diligent and delightfully spirited. This dynamic environment not only nurtures professional growth but also ensures a warm, inclusive community, making every workday both productive and enjoyable.

Whether in the tech-forward atmosphere of Tallinn or the bustling, diverse heart of London, our teams across these dynamic cities work in synergy, driven by a shared mission to revolutionise the pension industry. At Penfold, every location is a cornerstone of innovation and community spirit.

A split image contrasting two cityscapes during twilight. On the left, London with the Shard skyscraper dominating the skyline, amidst a cluster of buildings. On the right, Tallinn with traditional architecture, featuring a tall, slender spire of a Gothic church rising above historic, colourful buildings. Both sides capture the cities' unique character as daylight fades.


Working at Penfold gives you the opportunity to contribute to the direction and future success of a fast-growing early-stage business. We also offer an extraordinary series of benefits including:

Excellent compensation

We offer competitive salaries and review it regularly to make sure you get what you deserve

Meaningful share options

You'll own a part of Penfold and share in our success

Awesome pension contributions

You'll receive a proportion of your monthly salary into your pension that you don't need to match

Unlimited holidays

We care about your output, not how many holidays you go on! We do track holidays to make sure everyone is taking enough

Flexible working

We don't have an enforced schedule everyone has to follow. Start, finish and take a break whenever - we trust everyone to meet their targets and be available for their colleagues

A photo of a woman staring out over a mountainous landscape

Even more benefits

Delightful office space

Plenty of people come to our wonderful office in Uncommon Borough a few days a week - come as much as you'd like to!

Drinks and snacks

Like every start-up, we've got all the snacks, coffee and drinks that you might want

Top-of-the-line equipment

MacBooks, WFH equipment - whatever you need to bring your best!

Private medical insurance

Through Vitality you get access to Private GPs, Physio, Counselling services and great discounts and offers (think 50% off PureGym, free Apple Watches)

Learning & professional development

We conduct regular 360 feedback and focus on progressing your role in a way that suits you. We're flexible around courses, events and arranging coaching to help you reach your goals

Cycle to work scheme

Purchase a bike tax-free and spread the cost over several months

A photo of the Uncommon office in Borough, London

How we work

We focus on creating an environment where people feel empowered to do their very best work, make a big impact, and enjoy what they're doing.

Remote working

We're a remote-first company. We get together once a month and have an awesome office you can use anytime but you can work from anywhere in the UK. We trust you to get your work done in whatever environment suits you

Flexible working

We hire capable and committed people that we trust to get the work done. Outside of a few company and team wide commitments, you decide when working works best for you

Diversity and inclusion

We're building a diverse team in which everyone feels respected. Not just because studies show diverse teams perform better but because it's the right thing to do

Maternity and paternity leave

We make sure that everyone has the time off they and their family needs

Cultural check-ins

We have regular sessions to take stock on what's going well and what we can improve on

A photo of a woman and a child looking out of a window


We're not just about running a great business, we also like organise events to make sure everyone can socialise and have fun around our work, including: Weekly team lunches, functional team offsites and events, monthly socials, quarterly trips.

A photo of the Penfold team

Our values

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