Pensions that work better for everyone

Fed up with out-dated pensions that are hard to use, boring and easy to forget about?

Transform your experience with a cutting-edge pension that’s not just straightforward but also engaging to use, with first-class service when you need it.

With investments, your capital is at risk.

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Gain an edge in top tech and service, elevating your practice offering and client happiness to new heights with a time-saving pension platform and first-class account management.

Penfold for Accountants
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Boost employee satisfaction by engaging employees with your most expensive benefit and save money with more tax efficient pension contributions.

Penfold for Employers
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Set and reach your retirement goals with a cutting-edge app that’s fun and easy to use. Set up in minutes, top up or change payments, and combine old pots with a few quick taps.

Penfold for Savers

Fun, easy-to-use saving experience

Savers get our award-winning pension app which makes it easy to:

Get complete visibility over all your savings

We make it simple to track down and combine old pensions into one place for peace of mind.

Choose investments and adjust contributions

Select an investment plan that fits your values and risk appetite. Adjust contributions whenever you like and top up if you find you’ve got a little extra in your bank account.

See what your future looks like

Get a picture of your retirement lifestyle which includes the State Pension and other pensions. We’ll help you set realistic yearly targets to achieve your saving goals.

A young woman with curly red hair and glasses, wearing a mint green cardigan and white top, is looking at her mobile phone. Overlaid on the image are three mobile notifications from 'Penfold', detailing pension transactions and information. The first notification shows a payment of £400 from Acme Inc. into the pension. The second displays a total pension pot value of £12,994.54 with options to transfer old pensions or add money. The third offers a pension forecast service.

It’s important to compare providers’ fees and any guaranteed benefits when deciding on whether to transfer, and be sure that the investments available are suitable for you. If your employer is paying into your pension currently, transferring that pot may mean you lose out on their contribution.

Time-saving pension processing platform

Employers and accountants get our easy-to-use pension platform which helps:

Save hours every month

Reduce the hassles of pension and payroll processing - most of our client have halved the time spent on these activities every month

Run payroll error-free

Eliminate mistakes, our smart system reviews file uploads and summarises data for you to cross-check - 100% data accuracy, 0% explaining mis-contributions to employees.

Ensure compliance

Stay in control with total visibility over employer and employee contributions.

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First-class customer service

Everyone who uses Penfold receives support rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot that includes:

Humans on hand

No chatbots, call centres or weeks waiting for a response. Our team are here to help via in-app chat, email or phone.

Easy switching

We’ll fully manage the switch from your old provider. For businesses, your Account Manager helps onboard employees with webinars and Q&As.

Dedicated account management

Businesses get a named Account Manager who can offer payroll support and regular check-ins.

A photo of a woman using a laptop and excerpts of the Penfold pension app

Trusted by thousands of UK businesses

Everyone needs an auto-enrolment pension scheme, so why not use the best one?

Penfold really stands out with the customer service it offers. They’re so much more flexible and on top of things than any other pension provider I’ve spoken to.

Investment performance is most important, and Penfold’s historical performance is excellent.

Chris Binns

Chartered Financial Planner at MoneyWeb

    Penfold offers great customer service to ourselves as Payroll Managers but also to our employees, who value the app experience.

    Implementing Penfold has led to a decrease in our negative ticket numbers and we have far less payroll corrections to facilitate.


    Senior Payroll Expert at Deel

      Penfold is dramatically better than anything we’ve worked with before and has helped me by removing all of the admin that comes with pensions. ‘Saving time’ is one of the key benefits that encourages me to recommend it to others.

      Penfold’s been a huge success at Cuvva, with 88% of the company logging into the app to view their pensions.

      It’s one of the tools I just could not live without.

      Alex Perkins

      Senior People Operations Partner at Cuvva

        Penfold’s team of dedicated experts are super responsive and will help me with any kind of questions or queries that I might have.

        There’s no longer this restriction where I’m working as a kind of middleman. In fact, people can just go straight to the source and get whatever information they need.

        Penfold was absolutely amazing in terms of the education, the training, and all the administrative backlog that goes on with moving over pension providers. It ran so smoothly, I would say to other PeopleOps Leads: ‘Don't hesitate at all.’

        Aileen Walsh

        People Operations & Data Lead at Paddle

          Our customers rate us Excellent

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          Pensions that work better for everyone

          Accountants and Advisers

          ✓ Tailored service
          ✓ Time-saving processing platform
          ✓ Dedicated account manager


          ✓ Immediately set up a workplace pension, with no added fees for you
          ✓ Get started in a couple of minutes
          ✓ Enrol employees, process contributions

          Employees and Savers

          ✓ Set up in minutes and start reaching your personal retirement goals
          ✓ Combine pensions into one account
          ✓ Top-up or adjust contributions any time

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