Combine pensions

All your pensions in one place

Collected a few pensions with job changes? Get a single view of all your pension savings, pay one management fee and get a clear view of the retirement lifestyle you’re on track for.

A complete view of all your pension savings

No more searching through piles of paperwork for details from different providers or switching between several apps.

Bring them all together for clarity of all your pension savings. Then see a true picture of what retirement lifestyle you’re on track to have.

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Easily track down old or lost pensions

Can’t find some details, or forgotten them? No worries.

Finding lost pensions is a piece of cake with our free Find My Pension service. Simply enter an employer name and we’ll tell you the provider and how to reclaim your pot.

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We’ll do the heavy lifting

Our specialist transfer team handles the paperwork and communication with your previous provider.

We’ll keep you informed with how we’re getting on with progress updates on your Penfold dashboard.

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Save time and money

Every pension company charges a fee to manage the investment of your money. The more pensions you have, the more charges.

Combine your pensions to save money by reducing the number of charges you’re paying and accessing your pension pot when you retire.

Grow faster by selecting one of our five hand-picked, top performing pension funds.

The more pensions you have, the more time you have to spend on admin. Get that time back by having them all in one place. Less paperwork to sift through, fewer passwords to remember.

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It’s important to compare providers’ fees and any guaranteed benefits when deciding on whether to transfer, and be sure that the investments available are suitable for you. If your employer is paying into your pension currently, transferring that pot may mean you lose out on their contribution.

More benefits of our pension

Charges & fees

We hate hidden charges. That’s why we have one fee that covers absolutely everything within our service.

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Salary sacrifice

Cut your business and employees National Insurance bill with free-of-charge salary sacrifice consultation and implementation.

Learn about salary sacrifice


Peace of mind that savings are FSCS protected and invested by some of the largest money managers in the world.

See how we protect savings

Fund options

Hand-picked, diversified pension plans managed for you by BlackRock and HSBC that help grow wealth.

Discover our fund options

Pension transfer FAQs

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