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Save time with our modern pension processing platform

Discover a faster, more efficient way to handle payroll pension contributions with easy drag-and-drop file processing.

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Time saving payroll

Built for payroll, bulk processing in mind

Experience time-saving and easy-to-use technology.

Eliminate the hassle of downloading, reformatting, and uploading files for employees or clients.

Simply drag and drop any recognisable file into our intuitive user interface and our smart tech will process it effortlessly.

Bulk upload all your clients’ files in one go, our smart platform will auto-identify and process them accurately.

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Effortless compliance: Track contributions, opt-outs, payments

Stay in control and ensure compliance with total visibility over your employees and clients contributions.

Access detailed breakdowns of contribution statuses, histories, opt-out summaries, and employee contribution data.

Receive timely reminders for monthly payments and re-enrolment dates. Maintain compliance effortlessly and always stay on top of key dates.

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Error-free payroll: Accessible, stored, auditable data

Ensure 100% data accuracy:

We’ll review your file in real-time and summarise the data for you to cross-check.

All your files are stored and accessible at any time for auditing purposes.

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For Accountants

Save payroll processing time with our easy-to-use, fully compliant pension.

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For Financial Advisers

Your clients’ new favourite pension. And yours.

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For Finance teams

Save money and time so you can focus on scaling your business.

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The Penfold app

A pension saving experience everyone will actually enjoy.

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It’s all very straightforward to use.

Managing pensions is very easy on the platform. Once you've logged in it's there, just drag it and drop.

And then that’s it, my job done for the month.

James Bailey

Chief Operating Officer at Xmedical

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    There were a few reasons we looked to switch providers for our workplace pension those being: API, reduced costs for our workers, better app and website. These 3 things we found in Penfold, We have found the switch across very straightforward and stress free.

    Any queries we have we can ask the question and it is answered in a timely and efficient manner. We were provided with support for our transition and have now switched all our workers to Penfold and are very happy we have done so.

    Charlotte Barker

    Payroll Manager at JMK

      We've transferred 25 schemes over to Penfold so far, and it's been smooth sailing all the way.

      Everyone loves the app, and charges are competitive without hidden costs or fees. No one wants to be stuck on hold. When we make requests of Penfold, these are all done quickly.

      Chris Binns

      Chartered Financial Planner at Moneyweb

        Penfold offers great customer service to ourselves as Payroll Managers but also to our employees, who value the app experience.

        Implementing Penfold has led to a decrease in our negative ticket numbers and we have far less payroll corrections to facilitate.


        Senior Payroll Expert at Deel

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