Standard pension plan

Complete pension control. Tailor investments by choosing one of four levels of risk to fit preferences and outlook.

As with all investments, your capital is at risk.

Diversified, balanced, low cost

Our Standard plan has four different risk level options, supported by BlackRock’s MyMap range. Each level offers:

Broad diversification

Investments are spread across a wide range of investments and industries to reduce how susceptible your savings are to market volatility.

Balanced risk

Advanced technology adapts and manages the way your savings are invested in response to market and wider world changes.

One simple all-in fee

You'll only pay one annual fee of 0.75% for savings under £100,000 and 0.4% for any amount over £100,000. Find out more about our fees.

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Risk level choices

Tailor your pension to fit your stage of life and investment preferences. It's easy to adjust your risk level in a couple of taps, online or with our app.

Level 4: Highest growth potential and risk

More than 15 years from retiring. Only objective is long term growth. Not worried by short term drops.

Level 3: Medium to high growth potential and risk

More than 10 years from retiring. Mostly looking for long term growth. OK with larger dips to get larger gains.

Level 2: Low to medium growth potential and risk

Around 5 to 10 years from retiring. Aiming for a little more growth. OK with moderate dips in value.

Level 1: Lowest growth potential and risk

Retiring in the next 5 years. Low and stable growth. Most protection from dips in value

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In collaboration with BlackRock

We're proud to collaborate with the world's largest investment manager, BlackRock, to protect and grow our customers' pension savings with our Standard plan.

Our shared philosophy on the principles of passive investing, diversification and managed risk at a low cost led us to work with BlackRock to offer their MyMap investment options.

Investments are spread across a wide range of BlackRock’s iShares passive tracker funds using advanced technology to balance growth and risk. These funds correspond to a mix of stocks, bonds and alternative assets across the world.

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Standard plan FAQs

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