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Standard pension plan

Diversified, balanced, low cost

Broad diversification: Your money is invested across a wide range of investments & industries to reduce how susceptible your savings are to market volatility.

Balanced risk: This plan uses advanced technology to adapt and manage the way your savings are invested in response to market and wider world changes.

One simple all-in fee: We hate hidden fees. You'll only pay one annual fee of 0.75% for savings under £100,000 and 0.4% for any amount over £100,000.

Standard pension fund plan selection and where money is invested screens

Choose a risk level

Tailor your pension to fit your stage of life and investment preferences. Adjust your risk level whenever, online or with our app.

Level 1: Lowest growth & risk potential, preferable for those who are less than 5 years from retiring.

Level 2: Low to medium growth & risk potential, preferable for those who are 5-10 years from retiring.

Level 3: Medium to high growth & risk potential, preferable for those who are more than 10 years from retiring.

Level 4: Highest growth & risk potential, preferable for those who have are more than 15 years from retiring.

Standard pension risk level selection screens

Managed by BlackRock

Our Standard plan is managed by BlackRock - the largest asset manager in the world.

Blackrock invest your pension in thousands of companies and other assets around the world using advanced technology to balance growth and risk.

The Standard plan significantly outperformed the stock markets and other retirement portfolios during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Standard pension fund performance track record and risk level screens

Pension power

See exactly where your savings are invested and use your pension to influence tomorrow.

Our Explore Your Pension feature gives you complete visibility into your investments - including a breakdown of which companies you have a stake in.

Pension investments in various companies and AGM vote results


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