Transfer Pensions

Finding and transferring your old pension pots is a great way of streamlining your finances. In this section, you'll learn how to track down old pensions and consolidate them together, as well as understanding the pros and cons of doing so.

Pension Help

How can I find my old pensions?

Find out how you can track down a lost pension and who you can contact or help.

Can I, and should I transfer my pension?

Learn whether transferring your pension is right for you by weighing up the pros and cons.

How can I transfer my pension?

Learn how Penfold can help you find and combine old pension pots.

Can I find my pensions with my national insurance number?

Learn how to find your pensions, when you have little details about them already.

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Our team is made up of experts in pensions, technology, security, operations and customer services. You can reach us any time on chat, by phone or on email.

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The Penfold team sitting amongst lots of plants

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