Can I find my pensions with my National Insurance number?

The three ways you can find pensions with your National Insurance number and how Penfold can help.

If you know the name of your pension provider (or have the contact information for your old employer) your National Insurance number can help find any lost pensions. In this short article, we'll cover everything you need to do to find pensions with your National Insurance number.

How to find old pension providers

In addition to your National Insurance number, you'll need a few other bits of information to find lost pensions. First, you’ll need to find out who your pension provider is. If you’re not sure, try these steps to find out:

  • Use the government’s free pension tracing service: The government offer an online pension tracing service to help you track down old employer pensions. Simply, type in your old employer’s name into the search box. If no options appear, then move on to step 2.
  • Search 'pension' in your email: Check your email inbox and trash to see if your provider has sent you any emails about your policy. Still no luck? Try step 3.
  • Call your old employer: If the pension was provided by a previous job, call or email your old HR department and ask where your old workplace pension was set up. You'll only need to know when you worked there and your National Insurance number. They'll be able to confirm the name of your pension provider.

How to find pensions with your NI number

Now, all that's left to find is your pension number (or policy reference number). Simply give your pension provider a call and tell them your name, the name of your employer, and your National Insurance number.

Once you’ve gone through their security questions, they should be able to provide your pension number. You can then use this to retrieve your pension details.

How to find pensions with Penfold

If you have a Penfold pension, then you don't have to play detective. You can use our "Find My Pension" service to help you track down everything you'll need to locate old pensions. Sign in and hit "Transfer", then "I don't have any pension details" to get started.

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