3 Steps to Modernising Your Workplace Pension Scheme

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  •  Murray Humphrey

Upgrade your pension management. Strengthen your client relationships.

Why bother upgrading your pension scheme? Maybe because your clients:

  • Want to get away from a particularly bad experience
  • Had their costs upped… again
  • Are looking to make savings elsewhere
  • Need to push ahead with a sustainability drive

Whatever the situation, Penfold can help. And perhaps the better news? You can upgrade your pension scheme in as little as one step.

If you’re already clued up on the difference Penfold can make to your pension scheme, you can get yourself completely up and running on our platform without ever having to speak to anyone. Seriously. No calls, no back and forth, just you and a reliable internet connection.

But if you’d like to take things a little slower, it’s still only three simple steps to modernise your workplace pension scheme:

1. Get in touch with us to upgrade your scheme

We don’t expect you to jump into anything new, sight unseen, and we’re always keen to find out more about your practice and experience managing pensions. So, it all starts with a conversation to get to know each other.

Contact us however suits you – whether that’s by messaging us on LinkedIn, requesting more infomation, or emailing us at hello@getpenfold.com. If you’re already in touch with a specific team member, feel free to reach out to them directly.

We'll arrange a meeting with you so our experts can take you through our time-saving platform and modern savers app. You’ll find out about our dedicated account managers and expert support team that'll look after you, your clients and their employees. Often, you’ll get some handy resources to share with your team and clients, too.

Hold up! Can I recommend a workplace pension provider to my clients?

Yes! Advising employers on workplace pension scheme selection is not regulated advice. So, you can assist your clients by providing information, comparing schemes and making recommendations.

We can support you as you’re recommending Penfold to your clients by:

• Organising introductory webinars and Q&As to introduce your clients to Penfold

• Helping calculate salary sacrifice savings for your clients and their employees

• Offering a regular drop-in session for new clients to talk through workplace pensions

• Producing videos, guides and explainer articles for you to share

2. Meet your account manager and get access to our platform

Once you’ve decided Penfold’s right for your practice and your clients – we knew you would – it’s time to welcome you to the future of workplace pensions.

We'll match you with your very own account manager and arrange a call for you to meet them. We’ll also send you your platform login details.

Now for the exciting part! Your account manager will walk you through adding your first client onto our platform. Just input their company number and watch the rest of their details appear, sign the terms and add payroll info. Then it’s all done!

Your account manager will also take this time to start closing your old scheme and set goals that’ll help improve your business.

3. Set up your payroll software – with expert help

At this point, you’re free to add as many clients as you want and as many users from your team as you need, adjusting access based on clients or sensitive information.

The next step is setting up your payroll software so you’re ready to upload contribution files and start processing payments. Like your first call with your account manager, they’ll talk you through this in real time so by the end you'll be an expert.

Of course, you’ll always have the chance to ask any questions you might have! Think of your account manager as your pension guardian angel, always available by phone or email when you need a helping hand.

Picture of Emilio Vences, a man with brown hair wearing a brown jacket and white shirt underneath. He's smiling. Some text alongside reads: "'We're now in a position to say we've got someone that's always looking after us and our clients.' Emilio Vences, Co-Founder of Heaton Vences'"

The easy way to modernise your pension scheme

You've done it! In three simple steps, you've teamed up with a modern workplace pension provider aligned with your values.

Now, your clients are set up, you can upload and manage contribution files, track payment statuses and check new joiners in our easy-to-use platform. And employees can adjust contributions, consolidate pensions and forecast their retirement income in our modern app.

But don't worry, we're not going anywhere. Your account manager will continue checking in with you – including a one-month catch up – to ensure you’re still having a great experience and see if there’s anything more we can do to help you or your clients.

Join the workplace pension better for everyone

Whether you’re ready to get started or want to take things one step at a time, we’re ready to help you improve your pension management and strengthen your relationships with the people that matter most.

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