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Heaton Vences: Building Stronger Client Relationships with Penfold

“With Penfold, we have a pension partner that supports us and our clients, allowing us to focus on strategy and client relationships.”

– Emilio Vences, Co-founder of Heaton Vences

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Meet Heaton Vences

Heaton Vences is a forward-thinking practice that prides itself on being more than just accountants. They emphasise strategic thinking and building strong, future-looking relationships with their clients.

“We like to focus ourselves as advisors and strategic thinkers within the industry. From our point of view, it's all about the strategy, it's all about the relationship.”

The Challenge: Poor Support with Traditional Pensions

Previously, Heaton Vences experienced poor service with traditional pension providers. There was no meaningful relationship or support, leaving clients and their employees disconnected from their pension plans.

“Our experience with pensions in the past has been pretty poor. There wasn’t a relationship to begin with”

The Solution: Penfold’s Supportive and Engaging Pension

Seeking a provider that could offer robust support and build a close relationship, Heaton Vences found Penfold to be the ideal solution.

“Ultimately, our goal was always to try and find the provider that was going to give us that support and reassurance. We want to make sure that we partner with suppliers on a very close relationship basis.”

Seamless Transition and Ongoing Support

Switching to Penfold was effortless, with Penfold handling the entire process.

“In terms of switching providers, it’s so easy, I don’t have to do a single thing. Because ultimately it’s handled by Penfold.”

From the beginning, Emilio felt valued by Penfold’s proactive approach and expert advice.

“At the beginning, I already felt like I was getting value because I was actually talking to someone who could give me advice.”

Improved Client Confidence and Engagement

Penfold’s user-friendly app has empowered employees to manage their pensions independently, reducing the burden on accountants and HR departments.

“Our clients have been saying really good things. Just having someone there to talk to them is going to give them a lot more confidence in terms of even advising their employees.”

Employees now have direct access to their pension information through the Penfold app, fostering greater engagement and understanding.

“I find that now there’s a little bit more opportunity for the employee to get involved with their pension rather than ask their accountant or ask their HR department.”

Open Conversations and Expanded Services

Penfold’s transparent and flexible platform has opened up new opportunities for Heaton Vences to enhance their service offerings.

“There’s more open conversations around payroll and about pensions. Now that leads to other ways of providing more services to our clients.”

An Extension of Other Advisory Services

Penfold has become an integral part of Heaton Vences’ value proposition, acting as an extension of their advisory services.

“As we’re having those conversations and those relationships with them, it’s giving them that support and it’s an extension of Heaton Vences in a way by having Penfold.”

Results and Recommendation

With Penfold, Heaton Vences has successfully transformed pension management into a value-added service, enhancing client relationships and support.

“We’re now in a position to say, we’ve got someone that’s always looking after us and our clients, and we’re never going to worry about not having that support.”

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