Best gifts for employees: 5 ideas for your team

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Whether it's Easter, Christmas, or your company's anniversary, giving gifts to employees is an excellent way of showing your appreciation.

The only problem with this is what do you get them? We've done the research and in this post, we'll be suggesting a few of the best gifts for employees in 2022.

Why should you give employees gifts?

Before getting into this post, let's quickly go over the importance of providing employees gifts.

When goals get reached or national holidays occur, giving presents to your workforce can significantly impact your employees in the following ways:

  • Recognition - Giving gifts makes employees feel appreciated for their efforts, making 63% of workers less likely to look for a new job.
  • Engagement - Presents are excellent at making people feel motivated, which is why 72% of businesses agree that it impacts employee engagement positively.
  • Tax deduction - A quick tax tip for HR or directors; it's also a tax deduction, reducing the amount you owe for that tax year.

Without question, the importance of giving employees gifts is immense. Now you know this, let's discuss the best gifts for employees.

5 great gifts for employees

The following ideas are broad recommendations, which you can slightly alter to suit a particular industry. By showing this, we're hoping you'll receive endless and excellent gift ideas that'll suit everybody.

1. Gift cards

gift 1

Gift cards are undoubtedly the most versatile gift option available, and they'll continue like this way into the future. In the UK alone, this market is still expected to increase by 10.3% by 2026. It's a considerable amount and a strong indication that people want them.

The unique thing about gift cards is that they'll allow employees the freedom to purchase something they generally want. Whether this is for a particular or group of stores, it's a superior gift option.

2. Custom mug


Mugs are another excellent option, as 65% of workers drink coffee at work. However, you'll want to put a twist on this. Instead of purchasing ordinary mugs, customise them.

By personalising a present like a mug, 52% of receivers said they felt the giver put more thought into the gift.

3. Hamper set


Additionally, a hamper set could be an option. These are typically the more luxury gifts for employees, and people love them because of the variety. Hampers are unique, offer various gifts, and are generally well-presented, making them all-around great presents.

4. Desk accessories


Most jobs require a desk nowadays, so why not consider purchasing some accessories? These can be as wacky or convenient as possible. Some ideas include a punching de-stress bag, storage units, or perhaps humorous everyday office items like tape dispensers.

5. Take away


Lastly, why not treat them to a takeaway during lunch?

Using an online ordering platform like JustEat, you'll be able to choose from various restaurants and get the food delivered straight to your business.

Doing this will allow people to unwind from the workday, talk to each other, and, most importantly, enjoy their gifts.

Final thoughts

After reading the above, you should understand the best gifts for employees that HR or directors can purchase. Without question, all are an excellent option.

However, it does depend on your employees. To decipher which is the best option, ask a few close colleagues to see what they think.

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