Client and partner resources

Whether you're an established partner, a business new to the world of workplace pensions, or an intermediary facilitating the process, our curated resources are designed to empower your growth and enhance your Penfold experience.

Launch Penfold

Resources for a seamless introduction

Ensure a confident introduction of Penfold to your clients. Our carefully crafted guides and brochures have been designed to communicate the Penfold advantage in the clearest terms. Make every introduction a compelling one.

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Communicate Penfold features

Highlighting the Penfold advantage

Provide a comprehensive view of Penfold's features to your clients. Our detailed factsheets and brochures are tailored to articulate the unique benefits of Penfold, enabling you to present our service with precision and flair.

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Share Penfold videos

Experience Penfold in motion

Share our videos to give your clients a deeper understanding of Penfold. Whether it's an overview of our pioneering pension approach, the empowering features of our app, or the efficiency of our platform, these videos capture the essence of what we offer.

Share Penfold Case Studies

Success through Penfold: Real stories

Give your clients a firsthand account of how we have transformed workplace pensions for employers. Our success stories, shared by real clients, highlight the benefits and unmatched support businesses can expect by implementing Penfold's pension.

More success stories

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The Penfold app

With an intuitive interface and powerful tools, our app gives savers total visibility of their savings, enabling them to easily manage their pension.

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The Penfold platform

Discover a faster, more efficient way to handle payroll pension contributions with easy drag-and-drop file processing.

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See how our pension platform saves time and money

Automate and speed up time-consuming processes

Enable fast, easy, and accurate payroll and pension processing

Benefit from a concierge service from the Penfold customer support team.

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