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Glint The Gold Currency


Glint lets users pay for items using gold as a currency much like they would pounds or dollars.

Following the 2007/8 financial crisis and the collapse of banks like Northern Rock, Glint’s founder Jason Cozens started considering the vulnerability of money and ended up alighting on a centuries old steadfast: gold.

While crypto careers up and down, the precious metal has proved a reliable way of buying things since the first Greek philosophers were around.

Marrying the metal to a modern day Mastercard means customers can buy gold and use it for purchases. A unique fintech, Glint has grown exponentially since launch in 2015. 

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70 employees

Team size



The People's Pension

Previous provider

The challenge

Keen to bolster the financial wellbeing of the Glint team, Glint's Director of People & Culture Michelle Kangellaris was looking at ways company benefits could better support staff during the cost of living crisis.

The solution

Penfold’s easy to use app, which offers instant and clear access to pension information, proved tempting. Kangellaris also appreciated the way Penfold communicated information, simplifying pension jargon to help users better understand their pensions.

Glint already had a workplace pension, but what tipped her into going with Penfold was the seamless changeover and support to implement Salary Sacrifice, a tax hack that can result in employees increasing their take home pay.

Penfold offers pension workshops and webinars to hand hold teams through the process of this. For Salary Sacrifice to be implemented, HR teams have responsibilities to fulfill too and Penfold aims to make this integration as pain free as possible, a process which Kangellaris describes as “seamless”.

“Salary Sacrifice enabled our team to save more of what they earn. This has been extremely important recently with the ever increasing cost of living.”

Pension Set Up:

  • 5% Employee, 3% Employer contributions
  • Contributions calculated on Qualifying Earnings
  • Salary Sacrifice default for everyone (employees can opt out)

The Results

In a recent survey, Glint’s staff have let Kangellaris know the Penfold pension is one of their most sought after benefits.

  • 76% of Glint's team have logged into the Penfold app.
  • 80% of Glint's team have requested a pension transfer to Penfold.

Kangellaris has seen an increase in staff wanting to save extra towards their pension since having Penfold on board, due to it being a salary sacrifice scheme. She praised Penfold for make it simpler for her teams to do this.

There are many benefits to Penfold, from being able to offer a Salary Sacrifice scheme, easy to use app and instant access to pension information, simplifying pension jargon helping our teams better understand pensions, great support via the helpdesk, along with a very straight forward set up / transition when moving on from our previous provider.”

Michelle Kangellaris, Director of People & Culture, Glint

Award-winning auto-enrolment for employers

Penfold is the workplace pension provider for forward-thinking businesses who want an unbeatable employee experience.

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