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Giving Capital on Tap’s People Team access to incredible customer service

Capital on Tap aims to make the lives of small business owners easier by providing flexible and affordable funding solutions.

The company offers business credit cards with limits up to £250,000, which can help with purchasing goods and services, paying suppliers or managing cash flow. Capital on Tap aims to simplify the lending process for businesses by providing a quick and easy online application process, same-day decisions, and instant access to funds.

Founded in 2012, the company has since expanded to the US and Spain, and has provided over £4 billion in funding to more than 200,000 businesses.

”We found Penfold and instantly loved their approach to supporting our team’s financial wellbeing, whilst also giving Capital on Tap’s People team access to incredible customer service.

The best thing about Penfold for me is the responsiveness of their team to any queries or questions that come from me or our employees. We just didn’t have that with our previous provider.“ - Annu Valtonen, People Operations, Capital on Tap

Capital On Tap’s challenge

After receiving feedback from their team, Capital On Tap realised their workplace pension was not up to scratch. Younger members of staff were not engaging with their pension and Capital On Tap started to look for alternatives that offered a better employee experience.

Penfold’s solution

Penfold proved a winning option because of our passion for financial wellbeing, exemplified by our dedicated customer service team, who visited the team in Cardiff to help with onboarding.

Capital On Tap let us know that the responsiveness of our team to any queries or questions was impressive and that they never worry about the pension part of payroll anymore as we were able to integrate with their systems seamlessly.

Staff have responded positively to the new pension scheme and Capital on Tap now offers matching up to 7%. Regardless of salary or seniority, the team now has access to lots of options when it comes to their pension, all facilitated by Penfold.

A recent example of their excellent customer service was when our Account Managers, Jett and Murray, travelled to our Cardiff office to run a workshop on pensions – what they are and why they are important. This resulted in a cohort of younger employees opting back into the scheme. Which is amazing for us to see as this ladders up to Capital On Tap delivering a great employee experience and supporting our incredible team.

Annu Valtonen

People Operations at Capital on Tap

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