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Penfold provides freelancers with an online pension that's simple to use & completely flexible. Sign up below and get a £25 bonus from us. FCA number 826097.

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As with all investments, capital is at risk.

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Flexible, simple & easy to use

We know running a business & home-schooling the kids leaves you short on time. You can set up your Penfold pension in under 5 minutes.

And, forecasting your finances isn't easy when you're freelancing. That's why we're flexible around you: adjust, top up, change or pause your payments at any time — instantly and online.

Earn a £25 bonus

Frankie & Steve have been friends with Penfold since the beginning. To thank them, we're offering their friends and the entire DIFTK community a £25 bonus to kickstart their Penfold pension.

Rewarding, simple and easy to understand: we take the stress out of saving for later.

Choose how much to save

Pick a growth profile

Receive your £25 bonus

25% tax relief

The government adds a 25% bonus to everything you save into a pension.

That’s guaranteed cashback on what you save and we organise it for you, adding it directly to your pension. Tax treatment does depend on your individual circumstances & may be subject to change in the future.

Combine & enjoy up to £1,000

Sitting on old & lost pension pots? Transfer them over to Penfold and get up to £1,000 extra from us.

Unsure of the details? With our handy Find My Pension tool, you can easily unearth all your old pots without leaving the sofa. Find out more here, or see our T&Cs.

It is important to compare providers’ fees & any guaranteed benefits when deciding on whether to transfer, and be sure that the investments available are suitable for you. We cannot accept defined benefit pension transfers. If you decide to close your Penfold account and the value of your pot has gone down, the amount returned to the provider may be less than what you originally transferred.

Please know that if your employer is paying into your pension currently, transferring that pot may mean you lose out on their contribution. For more information on the risks see here.

Join thousands of freelance parents already saving with Penfold

Crowd of happy people


If you're freelance/ self employed, this is a must. You'll thank yourself later. Really easy to setup, add money, choose your investment options, and transfer existing pensions over. Amazing customer service too, really helpful explaining things if you are unsure.


Fantastic pension plan. Amazing for freelancers like myself, I know I can leave it going and not have to worry about my future. Highly recommend Penfold.


The simplest possible way to get a pension set up if you're self employed. Setup took less than 5 minutes, and it just works - my money goes in, government money goes in, I can see everything at a glance - I genuinely can't see how it could be better.

Invest, track & save

Invest, track & save

Select your pension plan

We offer four Standard options, plus a Shariah and a Sustainable pension fund.

Set up your contribution

Finish setting up your Penfold pension with a contribution, either through Direct debit or bank transfer.

Earn your £25 bonus

We'll add a £25 bonus into your pension once your first payment has come out.

Project & forecast

Track your pot performance, and project your pension with our calculator tools.

Withdraw from 55

Withdraw easily online at 55. There's no restrictions with withdrawing a Penfold pension.


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