The Shariah pension

Invest in line with your faith without sacrificing your pension pot growth by selecting our Shariah pension option.

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As with all investments, your capital is at risk.

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Align your pension pots with your faith

Halal investments

The plan excludes investment in industries such as alcohol, tobacco, pork, finance sector, weapons & adult entertainment.

Less uncertain & non-interest income

The plan restricts earning interest and invests in listed company stock to ensure certainty and openness in business dealings.

One all-in fee

We hate hidden fees. You'll only pay one annual fee of 0.88% for pots under £100,000, or 0.53% for pots over £100,000.

We work with HSBC Global Asset Management

Our plan is managed by HSBC, who invest your pension contributions in a wide range of different companies that operate in a Shariah-compliant way. The fund is set up to manage risk alongside adherence to Islamic Financial principles.

The fund maintains it's Shariah-compliant status by having it's own elected Shariah board who monitor and OK all major decisions. To read more about the Shariah pension plan, head here.

How it works

How it works

Select the Shariah plan

Enter your email address and personal details, and select the Shariah pension plan when you sign up.

Add money or transfer

Setup with a Direct Debit, a bank transfer contribution or a transfer request.

Calculate & track

Track your Shariah investments. Project and forecast your pension with our calculator tools.


Withdraw easily online at 55. There's no restrictions with withdrawing a Penfold pension.

Transfer and make all of your pensions halal

If you’re trying to ensure that all your pension funds are invested with your values in mind, consolidating into Penfold's Shariah plan is an easy way to do this.

If you consolidate your old pension pots, you can relax in the knowledge that your savings are invested in a socially responsible way without compromising your pension pot growth. To understand more about how you can transfer your pensions over to Penfold, head here.

It is important to compare providers’ fees & any guaranteed benefits when deciding on whether to transfer, and be sure that the investments available are suitable for you. If you decide to close your Penfold account and the value of your pot has gone down, the amount returned to the provider may be less than what you originally transferred. For more information on the risks see here.


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Crowd of happy people


Setting a Penfold pension is super easy and very quick it also gave me the option to choose a Shariah product! I am so impressed that such an innovative brand could also be so diverse and inclusive!


The simplest possible way to get a pension set up if you're self employed. Setup took less than 5 minutes, and it just works - my money goes in, government money goes in, I can see everything at a glance - I genuinely can't see how it could be better.


It was so simple to set up and the team were able to transfer in my existing pension pots for me without hassle. Everything is clear and easy to understand, which is a relief when traditional pensions can be confusing.

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