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Sharia pension plan

Invest in line with your faith without sacrificing pension pot growth with our Sharia pension plan.

Sharia pension fund plan selection and which industries money is invested screens

A pension aligned with your faith

Muslims represent a quarter of the world’s population, yet less than 1% of global financial assets are Sharia-compliant.

By selecting the Sharia plan, your pension contributions are invested in a wide range of funds and companies that operate in a Sharia-compliant manner.

The Sharia plan has one simple all-in fee*. You'll only pay an annual fee of 0.88% for savings under £100,000, or 0.53% for any amount over £100,000.

* The fee includes a 0.2% subsidy from Penfold, following the restructure of the underlying HSBC fund, which will expire on August 30th. We are currently working on extending this or finding another fund at the same price, but the fees on this plan may increase. We will provide at least one month notice for any such change.

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How is the fund Sharia-compliant?

Each fund within the Sharia plan has its own elected board who monitor the fund, its investments and the managing directors to ensure that they're being Sharia-compliant the whole time.

All major decisions have to be approved by the board. The board creates an annual Sharia certificate, to evaluate how the fund has adhered with Sharia principles, to prove that it is fit as a Sharia-compliant fund.

Standard pension fund plan performance and risk level screens

Where is the fund invested?

The Sharia plan invests solely in company stocks. This means that there is a higher growth potential over the long term, however there may be larger ups and downs along the way.

The plan invests in companies around the world, with with 75% in North America, 14% in Europe and 4% in Greater Asia.*

The plan invests across a wide range of industries, including 32% in Technology companies, 17% in Healthcare and 14% in Consumer Cyclical. The fund doesn't invest in Real Estate or Utilities.*

Figures correct as of March 2023.

HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund logo

In collaboration with HSBC

We're proud to collaborate with one of the world's largest asset managers, HSBC, for customers looking to invest their savings in line with Islamic principles on finance.

The plan invests in the HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund and is a great option for those that are looking for a socially responsible way to invest their money under Sharia law.

As the plan sits on level 5 out of 7 on the risk and potential reward scale it means that the fund is also great option for those who are a long way from retirement, looking for strong, long-term growth and don’t mind ups and downs in value each year.

Pension investments in various companies and AGM vote results

Have your say

The entirety of the Sharia plan is made up of stocks, which may include a small stake in companies like Apple, Microsoft, or Google. Most pension providers don't let you see which companies you're invested in.

Our view is that it's your money, you should know where it is. That's why our Explore Your Pension feature gives you complete visibility into your investments - including a breakdown of the individual companies you have a stake in.

Explore Your Pension also provides a platform for voting at issues raised at company AGMs. You can also see your vote history, how the majority of Penfold savers voted, and the vote result. Even better, it's completely anonymous.


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