Penfold's partnership with Starling Bank

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  •  Chris Eastwood

Unless you're living under a rock, we're sure that Starling Bank is a name you are familiar with. What you might not know is that we are now partnered up with them to make both starting and managing your pension easier than ever. If our handy app wasn't enough, you can now connect and view your pension pot directly on your Starling interface!

It's safe to say that Starling Bank is the bank of the future. They were built to give people a fairer, smarter and more human alternative to the archaic banks of the past. Having launched in 2014, they've been at the forefront of innovation and have transformed the way people manage their money.

As the disruptor in the pensions industry, stripping away the jargon and making it easier than ever to save for your future, our mission is, as always, to build a flexible and easy to use pension app. Beautifully paired with Starling's values, we couldn't have found a better partner if we tried.

At Penfold, we’re all about putting you first by making sure all of your experiences with us are effortless, intuitive and supportive. This not only means our customer support team are always about to help, but we’ve also built a service that is super simple and adaptable to your circumstances, with no jargon to make pensions accessible for everyone. A great break away from those old dinosaur providers!

Starling too prioritises you over everything, as part of their ‘making money equal’ value. As Starling is ranked as one of the top banks for their customer support, and Penfold is renowned for it’s customer service, we knew we had to join forces and continue to demystify the world of finance for everyone.

How we're integrated

Because business owners, freelancers and contractors' monthly income fluctuates dramatically, this usually means that an immediate safety net of savings is often prioritised over their pension. And that's why Starling and Penfold wanted to make it even easier for the self-employed community to manage their finances all in one place!

If you've got a business or sole trader account with Starling, you can now find Penfold within Starling's Marketplace. Add your Penfold account to your Starling dashboard to manage your pot, your monthly contribution and check in on your returns.

Once logged in to your Starling account, head to the Marketplace, and scroll to find Penfold. Then by clicking add, it will redirect you to Penfold where you need to sign in to your existing account and authorise the screen. Then you're all set!

What our customers say

Alice Benham, digital marketing coach and entrepreneur, joined Penfold in January after seeing a post on Twitter, and set up her Starling account in March. “I didn’t have a pension at that point, but once I signed up I couldn’t understand why getting a pension wasn’t something business owners spoke about more. I use the Starling app all the time so the integration will get my pension in front of me and encourage me to add to it - I need savings to be out of reach but still in sight.”

At just 17, Alice secured her first freelance contract in social media where she’s taught herself digital marketing and worked 1:1 with almost 100 business owners up until today. Her group programmes have benefitted more than 250 business owners, primarily young and female business owners.

Any questions?

If you need a hand connecting your accounts together, drop us an email here.

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