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We're making pension and payroll processing more of a pleasure

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  •  Murray Humphrey

Introducing the new Penfold Workplace Platform - an easier and faster way to process pensions and payroll.

There’s a lot of hidden heroes out there. Take accountants for example. Not commonly lauded, we’ll grant you. But because they’re responsible for so much payroll and pension processing, vitally important to the majority of us.

If we are to achieve our mission of helping more people to adopt healthy saving habits for their future, we know we need to make the lives of accountants easier. Which is why we are so excited to share our new workplace platform with you.

Payroll and pension processing shouldn’t be painful. We’ve built an incredibly user-friendly platform for accountants that’s easier and faster than Nest and the rest. Here’s why you’re going to love it.

A one stop 'drop' shop

One of the things we think you’re going to love about the new platform is the intuitive processing. Drag and drop any file and the platform will summarise all your data into a clear view.

Penfold pension processing platform

We haven’t found a file type yet the platform won’t handle but if that happens our operations team will be in touch to let you know they will deal with it – so no more time wasted formatting files yourself.

Bulk drop all your pension files in one go and our smart processing will auto-identify your clients using their unique identifier code. Reviewing those files for accuracy is then instant.

The interface gives full visibility. You can drill down into different levels of the data, such as company or employee information, where it’s easy to see contributions and opt outs. Your clients can also use the platform too, self-serving if they choose to.

Humans on hand for any hassles

We know how frustrating it is having non-existent support when you run into an issue, especially when you’re on a strict deadline.

Unlike some pension providers that are harder to reach, our support team are on hand 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

Not only can you reach them in the usual ways (phone or online), but if your company uses Slack or Teams to communicate, we can integrate with those channels to provide fast support too. Less urgent issues can also be communicated to us by email.

You and your clients will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager (AM) at no extra charge. Our AMs can handle payroll pain points, onboarding new clients, setting up salary sacrifice and just about anything else you might need help with in between.

Why Penfold for your clients?

We’ve already helped hundreds of businesses switch their workplace pension over to Penfold, saving businesses and their employees time and money.

We offer free salary sacrifice set-up, all-in fees with zero hidden charges, industry-beating fund performance and financial education programmes. Our account managers will also manage the whole transition for you and your clients.

Our 5* rated app actually engages employees with their pension. Find and combine old pensions, adjust your contributions and investments easily, and even invest sustainably. Get complete visibility over retirement with the Your Forecast tool and set personalised savings goals.

You can find everything you need to know about our Workplace Platform here. Should you have any further questions about it, we'd be happy to discuss it with you at a time that suits.

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