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Invest in Penfold today, and join us on our journey to fix pensions. 

Our mission is to make saving for your future effortless, so you can get back to enjoying today.

We’re delighted to invite our community to invest in our business from as little as £10. Click below to own a piece of Penfold today.

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Join our mission to fix pensions

We founded Penfold because we believe traditional providers make pension saving too difficult.

So we built a modern, easy to use pension that has already helped almost 10,000 customers save more than £20m for later life. 

But this is just the start. We want to help millions of people stop worrying about the future, so they can get back to enjoying today. And we want your help.

Don't miss out. Invest today.

Join the backers of Spotify, Adyen, Dropbox and Funding Circle and become a member of our growing investor community from as little as £10.

We’re delighted to offer you the opportunity to be part of this journey.

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Capital at risk.

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What's next for Penfold

We’ve come a long way over the last 18 months. We’ve built a top-rated pension app and our own in-house pension operating system that has now been fully authorised by the FCA. 

We recently launched our pension tracing service to help our customers find and combine their lost pension pots, and an open banking integration to let customers connect their bank account to their pension. 

This investment round allows us to bring out many more features to keep improving our customer experience, as well as accelerate our growth and launch our workplace pension.

Remember your capital is at risk.

We believe investing should be for everyone, but it is important to remember your capital is at risk. Your investment could be locked up for a long time, as you don’t get a return until we exit (i.e. we’re bought or go to market in an IPO). Approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Capital Ltd. authorised and regulated by the FCA (No. 650205).

Important note: Most countries in the world including the UK and the rest of Europe are embracing equity crowdfunding as a progressive way of allowing individuals to invest in the businesses they believe in and thus support innovative companies to grow. However equity crowdfunding is regulated quite differently in the USA, Canada and Japan so if you are from one of these countries please contact us on invest@getpenfold.com.

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