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Employee engagement and retention

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Engaging your employees

How do you know if your employees are engaged?

As an HR professional, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to find new ways to boost morale and measure overall employee engagement. How else can you make sure the actions you're taking are effective?

Read our blog covering the basics of engagement and a few ways you can measure employee engagement in your business.

How to measure engagement

Employee engagement and retention articles

Outdoor photograph of company employees looking happy

How do benefits impact employee retention?

We share the importance of benefits on employee retention, and the best employee benefits that your company should consider offering.

The impact of employee benefits
long office table in a meeting room surrounded by windows

What employee benefits are required by law?

We comprehensively detail which employee benefits are required to guarantee your business complies with UK law. 

The legally required employee benefits
5 friends on top of a rock in front of a sunset

What are the best employee benefits?

We look at the best employee benefits today's workers are demanding, and how much they might end up costing.

The best employee benefits
women holding up gift wrapped in brown paper and red string

Best gifts for employees: 5 ideas

We've done the research and in this post, we suggest a few of the best gifts for employees in 2022.

The best gifts for employees

Award-winning auto-enrolment for employers

Penfold is the workplace pension provider for forward-thinking businesses who want an unbeatable employee experience.

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