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Bridging the gap: Boosting employee retention with a better workplace pension

Right now, UK SMEs are wasting resources and losing staff by focusing on the wrong employee benefits.

Discover how you can leverage your benefits package to attract and retain the best employees.

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Workplace benefits aren't working

For employers, attracting and retaining the best employees is vital to sustaining growth.

One of the best tools for achieving this is your benefits package. But new research suggests a chasm exists between what employers offer and what employees actually want.

Help your business stand out. Unlock benchmarked data on the state of UK workplace pensions plus access insights from 2,000 skilled employees on what benefits they value the most.

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What the report covers

This report is based on proprietary research for 500 SMEs and 2,000 working adults.

We wanted to understand what employees in 2022 really look for in a benefits package - which benefits could sway them from staying in or leaving their current role?

The report also uncovers how SMEs and their staff feel about workplace pensions. What's working, what isn't and what tangible steps employers can take to improve them.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • What SMEs are getting wrong about pensions
  • Which benefits employees value
  • How much SMEs contribute to their pensions
  • How to create a Gold Standard workplace pension



90% of employees say their workplace pension influences their decision to remain in their job


89% of employees say workplace pensions are important when choosing a new job


32% of employees say being able to check their pension anytime matters most


53% of employers think other benefits are a higher priority than pensions

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How does your pension measure up?

Not sure if your scheme is up to standard?

Take our short pension ranking quiz to see how your workplace pension compares to your competitors.

Rank your pension scheme

A smarter, better pension starts here

Gain access to benchmarked data on the state of UK SME workplace pensions and get a free recommendation on improvements to your scheme today.

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