Pension types

In this section, we'll uncover more about how all the different types of pensions work and whether you should consider getting one.

Pension Help

Are personal pension schemes tax deductible?

Find out whether your personal pension is tax-deductible.

What happens if my personal pension provider goes bust?

Find out how your personal pension provider experiencing financial hardship can impact you.

What is a personal pension?

Find out what exactly a personal pension is, and who is eligible to have one.

How much is the state pension for a single person?

Learn how much you're eligible to receive from the government.

How can I contribute to the national pension scheme?

We'll discuss how national insurance contributions over the years help you to qualify for the state pension.

What is a private pension?

What exactly is a private pension? Allow us to break it down for you.

Can you withdraw money from a private pension?

Learn about whether you can draw money from a private pension, and if so, the variables surrounding how much you can take.

Can a pension plan be taken away?

Find out whether your pension plan can be taken away.

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