Pension Basics

A pension is a savings plan that will give you an income in retirement. The government actively encourages people to plan for their futures by offering tax incentives on pensions, to make your money work more efficiently.

Pension Help

When will I receive my pension?

Learn more about when you're eligible to withdraw your pension.

How do pensions work?

This section includes information on what pensions can be used for, and how to save into your pension.

Do you pay tax on a pension?

Learn more about tax relief on your pension contributions, and paying tax when you access your pension.

How much can I pay into my pension?

There are different rules on how much you can contribute into a pension each year, depending on your income and financial circumstances.

What is a pension fund?

Here we'll break down what a pension fund is.

How much is my pension fund worth?

Here we'll give you some insights into how much your pension fund is worth.

How do I choose a pension fund?

Let's discuss what the different types of pension funds are and figure out which is best for you.

Are pensions worth contributing into?

Learn more about the benefits of having a pension.

How can I set up a pension plan?

Find out everything you need to have at-hand before setting up a pension.

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