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Top 7 Financial Influencers

Ellie Lister | Wednesday 2nd September, 2020

It's not easy being financially fit and confident. So, here's a list of our favourite financial influencers who give proper tangible and honest money spending, saving and making tips. All these money guru's help to make their followers financially confident by changing their financial mindset, as well as being the know-it-all's of all the biggest money saving deals & offers.

Clare Seal

Clare talks through her own journey of escaping the perils of debt. Her personal touch makes her money saving and wellbeing tips actually useful (there's no generic and obvious finance tips to prioritise cooking dinner over takeaways) and has launched her brand new book outlining these called Real Life Money and The Real Life Money Journal.

Follow Clare on Instagram here, or Twitter here.

Andy Webb

Andy, also known as Clever Cash, is a personal finance blogger. Andy's Be Clever With Your Cash provides a series of blogs and up-to-date deals on how to save you a bit more money. Andy is also a podcast host and creates youtube videos, and shares "deals of the week" updates on these channels with his following.

See Andy on Twitter here.

Skint Dad

Award winning bloggers and husband and wife, Ricky and Naomi Willis write a lot of content to help you keep more money in your pocket by making every penny count! Their website provides up to date offers on how to cut back on your food bill, save for a rainy day, or find inventive ways to up your income, separating the three different components of financial fitness: saving, making and managing.

Go check out Skint Dad here, and on Twitter here.

Emilie Bellet

Emillie is the founder of Vestpod, a digital platform and thriving community that financially empowers women, and she's on a mission to make money less taboo for females. Her site is a fantastic resource for tips and tricks to save dollars in her book You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich. She also produces her very own podcast, called The Wallet, where she has honest, practical and fun conversations with a series of guests from all walks of life - employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs and financial experts.  

Follow Emilie here on Instagram.

Damien Fahy

Damien provides free tools and guidance, known as "Money MOTs" to give people a financial health check and score them on their finances. This has helped over 2 million people chose the best products for their financial situation. Damien provides tips and tricks on savings, loans & credit cards, mortgages and pensions in his blog posts and newsletters.

Give him a follow on Instagram here, and Twitter here.

Bola Sol

Bola is a Financial Wellness Coach and founder of Rich Girl Chronicles. She's teaching women how to handle their finances better and discuss money matters. Bola hosts weekly chats on social media about money, and is the host of her own the Bola Sol show, where the panel discuss a series if big topics, from money and entrepreneurship to mental health and gun crime. Bola also has her own adult money podcast called The Last 3 Digits. Through one conversation at a time, she wants to help build more financial confidence in everyone but women especially.

Follow Bola on Instagram here, and Twitter here.

Emma Edwards

Emma refers to herself as a recovering spendaholic. Her financial journey is full of learnings that everyone should know about their finances. The Broke Generation is a tool for Millennials and Gen Ys who want to learn how to get financially fit, helping you break the spending cycle and rather save, invest and feel financially confident, check out her blogs!

Follow Emma on Instagram here.

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