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Self-employed lockdown success stories!

Ellie Lister | Wednesday 9th September, 2020

Hands up if after a long-lockdown-down time, you're in desperate need of some business inspiration?!  Well we’re here to brighten your afternoon, and start shouting about some of the unprecedented successes that the folks in our self-employed community have had with their businesses during lockdown. Whilst it's been a strange period for us all, there are many champs who have thrived. So grab a cuppa and get ready to cheer!

Meet Maddy Shine. Known as the Visibility Queen, she helps ambitious female-owned businesses get more sales through SEO (search engine optimisation, or as she likes to call it, "seeking exciting opportunities). During lockdown, she has launched four successful campaigns and brought in more income than any previous year. Plus, she's helped 1000+ people with free and paid online workshops. Check Maddy's business out here.

Meet Mandira. She runs Mandira's Kitchen - a producer of authenting Indian freezer meals. Her business is run by women and they operate out of a 400yr old converted cowshed. She set the business up as she missed home cooked Indian food. During lockdown, they shifted completely to online and pivoted to deliver food to any UK address. They also began offering Indian picnics, weekend dine-in menus (complete with Bollywood playlists etc). She hasn't slept much over the past 4 months but has sold more than they have ever sold before. Grab your top notch Indian meal from Mandira here.

Meet Freddie and Cogan. They set up their business during lockdown to help combat the price gouging in mask sales that has been seen from large retail companies across the board. They were fed up of seeing the extortionate mark ups these businesses were making and did something to combat the profiteering of the COVID lockdown.They provide the exact same products as high street retailers for less than half the price by adopting a low profit margin and promoting transparency to the market. They've grown so much that they've just sold their 4 millionth mask! Need to grab some masks? Grab 'em here.

Meet Aurelija, owner of Balloonista, a baloon styling provider. Aurelija was working closely with the country's most presitgeous event and wedding planners just before the pandemic hit. During lockdown, Aurelija decided to diversify and develop her business into different channels. She started hosting live discussions with industry events experts on her social media, gave advice to would-be married couples and produced blog content on how to celebrate your "would be wedding day". 
As well as developing her social media channels, Aurelija also created an E-commerce site, which is now fully functional with a broad array of products and services. "If it wasn't for the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, I would never have had the opportunity!".

Do you think your success story would make a good feature? Drop us a message here about how your business has flourished during the coronavirus outbreak.

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